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These are some photos I've taken. I've got a couple categories to help you get organized. If you point to the pictures you can see some commentary, otherwise click to enlarge.


This is a bumblebee on some thistle.  I like that the thistle is in focus, but not the bee. These are our layer hens at home in Elba.  I really like this photo. Some cows on a farm between Elba and Rochester.  I had a hard time exposing this one correctly. These flowers are outside my home in Elba.  I really like the face-like appearance on this one.
This is a shot of the creek behind my home in Elba a little before sunset. These are some early spring crocuses. My pet hedgehog, Skitzo, held by Natalie. A snail I shot in the woods behind my house in Elba.  I really like the simplicity of this one.
A tree through some marsh weeds.  Doesn't do what I had hoped, but looks ok. The family dog, Cleo. Someone once told me this is the New York State wildflower.  I don't know it's name or of this is true, but I like this photo. A photo from my father's blackberry patch.
Flowers in the swampy area behind my house in Elba.  I hate the way these plants smell. This dead fish caught my eye on Lake Ontario. A shot up into the sun through the shadows of a tree.  I lost some detail in this one I was hoping to save, but it's ok. One of the garden sunflowers at home.  This photo came out the way I had hoped.

People I Know

This is my dad clearing out a fallen tree in our back woods. Med school friends. Med school friends. My family.
This is my grandma.  She lived at home with my parents in Elba and passed away in February 2005. This is my younger brother, Jake, early in the a.m. Med school friends.  This one came out well. Med school friends.
Natalie, on New Year's Eve 1999. Med school friends. Med school friend and housemate, Paul. My housemate, Paul, hamming it up for the camera in his white coat.
Paul taking a rest. A flattering photo of Paul. Paul and Shana on her last morning in University Park. Paul the Patriotic.
Three of my closest friends at med school, Paul, Young, and Shana. Natalie. Natalie. My friend Trevor at a wedding.
My friend Trevor on New Year's Eve 1999. My old housemate, Ryan, looking all bad. Youngrin taking a break. Young and Paul outside one evening.
Shana with a refreshing drink.

New York City

This is just a random photo of Chinatown in NYC.  It happened to be of a pile of garbage. There was a large crowd of people playing mahjong (if that's spelled correctly?) the day I was in Chinatown.  This photo kind of sucks IMO. Just an interesting woman in Chinatown. A random shot of a guy collecting cans in NYC.
There are so many dog-walkers in NYC that I had to shoot one eventually. Yet another random NYC shot.  I think this one is interesting--things are recognizeable and the bold GYM brings it together. The John Lenon memorial in Central Park West. A walk-by photo of a kid in NYC.
Good seats at a Yankees game. This is one of my favorite photos ever.  I love the contrast of the Saint in front of the chain-linked, sealed windows of this church.  Makes a statement, I think. A Penn Station photo.  I thought these people were very interesting. Random NYC shot.
The oppressive kitchen window view from my girlfriend's frist NYC apartment.  It demonstrates how I'd feel living there.


A snowy lot in Rochester at night. Same lot, but on a rainy evening and photographed using a tripod. University Park in Rochester at night. A very grainy picture of University Park in Rochester at night.  I had to edit this photo a bit, and it still doesn't look great.

Random Pics

This is a photo of myself taken by Paul Motika.  I was looking directly into the sun while one of my pupils was dilated after a day in ophthalmology--we were practicing the eye exam. I set this up in my apartment during my first year of medical school.  I must have had a lot of time on my hands. This is a photo of the bass guitar my friend Trevor is letting me borrow for our band, Greater Trochanter--in it is a reflection of a lock on my steamer trunk that didn't come out as well as I would have liked. Pic of my mom's rosary hanging on her antique dresser mirror.
This old barn has since fallen.  I like the POSTED sign in the foreground.  This one has some exposure issues, but I still like it. This is the Pokemon Psyduck. A sculpture of a man that I did a few years ago.  It's about 8 inches tall. Took this one in Pennsylvania out the window while my friend was driving.
A beer shipment from Canada. Three skeletons of children on display in the med school. More bony remains, this time from a bird.  Briefly served as a decoration for our front door.

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