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This is a collection of a few pieces I've had time to scan that weren't pencil sketches. This isn't quite representative of all the things I've done, but I'm more or less satisfied with the things that are here. Patience is a virtue, especially when loading my thumbnails. Point to each picture to see commentary, otherwise click on each picture to see a larger image.

Computer Generated

Armless -
I guess I had some Geiger inspiration with this one.  I think it's pretty interesting.  I don't know where I come up with this stuff.
(CG-Ulead PhotoImpact 5) Pachiko and Tomoko -
Another anime.  I think it looks ok.  I'll probably abandon anime-style for a while after this one.  
(CG-Ulead PhotoImpact 5) Raiahl -
I did this for the Bakaneko MOC (March).  My second submission and second serious attempt at anime-style.  She's an archangel banished from heaven and forced to work in a Collegetown bar, as strange as that sounds.
(CG-Ulead PhotoImpact 5) Absolute Class of 2003 - 
This was an idea for our med school class t-shirt that got tossed.  Go figure--alcohol and medical students probably isn't the best message to be sending.  
(scanner and windows paintbrush)
Rumi and Missix -
I did this for the Bakaneko MOC a little while ago.  My first attempt at anime-style.
(CG-Ulead PhotoImpact 5) Frog -
I was fooling around one day in high school art class (several years ago) and did this.  I like frogs.
(windows paintbrush)


Wood Faerie -
Just a picture I had some fun with.
(ink and watercolors) Chef -
Another one I just had fun with.  I think I did this while we were doing brain dissections in class.
(ink and watercolors) Dryad -
I like this one quite a bit.  Something about drawing trees and women . . . 
(ink and watercolors) Ominous Windmills -
This came from a dream and actually didn't turn out well.  These huge flying windmills were flying overhead and someone said 'now comes the worst part . . .' I wonder what it means.  
(watercolors and colored pencils)
Christy Turlington in Purple -
I did this during my first month of medical school--while I still had time to breathe.  The resemblance isn't perfect, but that's not really what I was going for.  Actually, I don't know what I was going for with this one, but I think she looks cool.
(ink, watercolors) Gargoyle Named Shon -
This is another RPG character I played, but he's from Dungeons & Dragons.  Yes, he's a gargoyle, and yes I had a cool DM.
(colored pencils) Jager -
This was my character from a Shadowrun campaign.  If you don't know what Shadowrun is, don't ask.  Jager was a big, blue, furry elf who kickboxed for a living.
(pen and ink) Dryad -
This is a dryad inspired by model Helena Christensen.
(ink, watercolor pencils)
Praying Mantis -
This is from a magazine clipping.  I like the way it came out--better than my sketch from a few years earlier (see my page of sketches).  Colored pencils are underestimated.
(colored pencils) Shadowy Tree -
I'm not very fond of this one, but it may look neat to some.  I came up with this while sitting with my girfriend outside at dusk.
(watercolors) A Tree -
I kind of like this one, so here it is. 
(ink, watercolor pencils)


Woman Alone -
I don't know why, but this is probably one of my favorite pieces in a while.
(tempera) Nameless Woman -
This is one of the few paintings I've had the time/patience for.  I use tempera because it's cheap and I'm just learning, but I find that the results can be rewarding.  I like this one quite a bit.  Sorry the photo was out of focus.
(tempera) Demon Guy -
Just a messed-up, quickly done, tempera piece.  Mostly experimental.
(tempera) Twist -
One of my first works in tempera.  Kind of neat.

Oil Crayons

Skullhead Portrait -
I actually really like this one, even though it's not much to see.  It has some self-portrait qualities.
(oil crayons) The Sac People -
I guess I was thinking about homeless people when I did this one.  Just experimentation with oil crayons.
(oil crayons) Spectre -
Well, this was one of the first oil crayon pieces I tried.  Pretty simple, but ok.
(oil crayons)

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